"Peace begins with a smile." 

~ Mother Theresa~.

Download the Cognitive Tool Box HERE.   Print it on colored heavy paper and hang it on your wall.  The next time you hear your kids say "I'm bored!" try one of these activities. 

The CIVITAS Initiative




​C.W. Pickett, MHA

​Author.  Advocate

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Building Families and Touching Lives

Combating Violence through Prevention and Education

In the ways we care for our children, we create society. We create the healers and the destroyers.

Our children are reflections of the world in which we raise them.


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This website is dedicated to the millions of families that are struggling to stay together, struggling with an unfair and violent world, struggling with death and mayhem that has entered into their lives.

I never thought I would see the day when the “American dream” became a nightmare.

“I have a dream,” said Martin Luther King.  We are further from his dream than we were in the 1960s.  Blacks and Natives are not the only people treated unfairly in today’s America. Estimates are as high as 20% of innocent people of all colors who are behind bars.  Of the 2.3 million inmates, there could be as many as 400,000 people paying for someone else’s crime.

The growing trend of incarceration since the 1990’s has played havoc on the family system.  People’s lives are ruined, dreams are shattered, families are disjointed; because “justice” mistakes the color of someone’s skin, or their sexual preference, or their mental health status, as a crime and not a human condition. 

Now we are desperate to rebuild our families.  To recover from the 30-year onslaught that has besieged America’s family structure.

Pickett's Reflections

•  4.9 million children are raised by their grandparents (6%)
•  400,000 children are in foster care (0.5%)
•  1.7 million children are in juvenile courts (2%)
•  2.5  million American children are homeless (3%)

•  16.4 million children live in poverty (22%)​